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Particle Therapeutics’ first priority is to offer emergency delivery of glucagon to treat severe hypoglycaemia, a condition occurring when the blood sugar levels of someone with diabetes are abnormally low.

Severe hypoglycaemia causes loss of consciousness and sometimes seizures or convulsions. In this emergency situation, the patient must be treated with an immediate injection of glucagon.

Standard emergency kits currently contain a needle and syringe, with a powder and liquid which must be mixed and drawn up before injection. These kits are effective, but they are rarely used in practice because of their complexity and the widespread fear of administering injections.

Particle Therapeutics’ device is designed to deliver glucagon particles rapidly in an emergency situation. The needle-free device is pressed against the skin and activated simply by pressing a button. Its use is intuitive, so vital treatment can be safely administered within seconds by a person with no prior training.


Our platform technology can be applied to many existing and next-generation versions of therapeutic molecules. We have identified several candidate drugs as particularly suitable, and will add the most promising of these to our pipeline.