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Executive Chairman: Fred Cornhill
Fred has over 30 years’ experience in the medical device area including device design, pre-clinical and clinical studies and regulatory affairs. Previous academic positions have included Founding Director of the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Director of the Biomedical Engineering Center at The Ohio State University and Founding Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland Clinic. Fred has co-founded four medical technology companies, holds numerous patents, and has worked in venture capital, investing in medical technology. He takes the lead in overseeing pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as assisting the team in business strategy.

Chief Executive Officer: Mike Adlam
Mike worked for Amersham plc (now GE Healthcare) between 1976 and 2006. He played a key role in the development of Amersham in a number of senior management posts and became Executive Vice President Bioscience Operations. Since 2006, Mike has acted as a consultant to GE Healthcare. He has extensive experience negotiating at a senior level in the regulatory fields of nuclear operations and pharmaceutical manufacturing in Europe and the USA. He has wide experience of GMP pharmaceutic manufacturing. He has also acquired qualifications in finance and accounting and an MBA.

Director - Device Development: George Costigan
George holds a BSc (Mechanical Engineering) and MPhil, and a DPhil in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford. He lectured in mechanical engineering at Sunderland Polytechnic before joining the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell, where he carried out research into heat transfer and fluid flow problems relevant to the cooling of nuclear reactors. For the past decade he has worked with Brian Bellhouse, developing and refining the needle-free delivery devices which form the core technology of the Company’s project.

Consultant - Peptide and Protein Formulation: Heiko Schiffter
Heiko is a registered pharmacist specialising in drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology. He did his undergraduate degree in pharmacy at the University of Heidelberg followed by a PhD in drug delivery and particle formation of therapeutic peptides and proteins at the University of Erlangen. He is a specialist in spray-drying and spray-freeze-drying. For the past three years, Heiko has directed a research laboratory for protein particle formation and bioanalytics at the University of Oxford.

Fiona Carter: Test Engineer
Fiona has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, and spent ten years working at the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering in the field of powdered drug delivery, addressing a broad spectrum of device issues. She is responsible for the evaluation of performance within the laboratory and for ensuring high quality and consistent particle delivery from Particle Therapeutics’ needle-free delivery devices.

Company Administrator: Rachel Farlie
Rachel previously worked as Development Officer for the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and in arts fundraising and administration. She is responsible for all aspects of the Company’s day-to-day administration.